Our spa facial treatments offer an elevated experience with remarkable results. These specialized facial treatments are performed with products that deliver nutrients, botanicals, and antioxidants into the skin.

At the Spa we use Rhonda Allison Skin Care products for our facial treatments. RA blends the best active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds such as growth factors, peptides, super antioxidants, retinaldehyde, anti-glycation and plant stem cell technology to create a synergy of superior professional treatments and customized home care products. We blend nature and science to deliver and transform the skin.

Skin Boost

Refresh tired, dull skin. Give skin a polish, infusing with much needed hydration and nutrients. You will love the refreshing aroma of papaya and pineapple while soothing the elements and collagen- building properties aid skin for mitochondria support. | 30 min $ 95

Tranquility Stress Relief

Let our Tranquility Stress Relief Facial be your imaginary letters. This soothing, relaxing experience is all about massage, offering a way to scape for a brief time from the chaos and at the same time give skin a healthy dose of nutrients. Every step incorporates massage. | 60 min $120

Gold Canyon Custom Facial

Your esthetician will perform an evaluation and discuss the needs of your skin. Give skin a workout that supports aged, depleted skin and skin with sluggish circulation. | 60 min $130

Stimulating Deep Pore Cleanse

Enjoy the stimulating affect of this squeaky-clean facial. Skin will be renewed with a powerful infusion of antioxidants, resveratrol, AHAS, retinol, anti-inflammatories, vitamins and epidermal growth factors. Many skin types will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliations and purifying masks. | $140


Dermaplane is a manual modality for exfoliating the outermost layers of dead skin cells which speeds up cellular turnover. It also temporarily removes superfluous vellous hair and there is no “down time” associated with a Dermaplane treatment. Immediately afterward, your skin will be soft, radiant and silky smooth. An additional benefit of this type of exfoliation is that it allows cosmeceutical products to penetrate your skin evenly and provide their restorative benefits. | $150

Anti-Aging Eye Treatment

This anti-aging eye treatment is the perfect addition to your facial. Our specialized spa treatment works to brighten the eyes and reduce dark circles and puffiness. This ultra-light pressure massage stimulates blood circulation around the face and reduces fluid retention. Combined with a nourishing and hydrating mask, your skin will feel regenerated and tone will be more even.
(Add On Treatment Only ) | $25

Exfoliating and Hydrating Lip Treatment

This lip treatment is perfect for dry lips. The lips are first exfoliated using a minty fresh sugar lip scrub then while you enjoy the mask during your facial a hydrating jelly lip mask will be applied and let absorbed. This treatment promotes collagen production in the lips for a plump hydrated look and silky-smooth feel. | $20

Oncology esthetics

Oncology Spa Services are known to reduce some of the common side effects of cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the nurturing qualities of these spa treatments, many patients will notice an improvement with their complexion, plus a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Through proper skin care, we can help you look and feel better. It is important to select skin care and personal care products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients and exfoliation properties, colors or other known reactive ingredients that may instigate reactions.

During Cancer therapies, skin becomes stressed and can cause any number of reactions. Dehydration is at the top of this list of reactions, and may cascade into various irritations including rashes, bruising, sensitivity to touch, changes in skin color, dilated pores and infections.


Make up application $70
Bridal make up see Bridal page.

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